The musings of a feminist pop culture fanatic


When I first started this blog, I had a really clear vision of what I would write about. As with most things I plan, things changed. Now, it’s two years later. I’m a college graduate working for a domestic violence and sexual assault agency in mid-Missouri. I would love to have a clear outline for you about what topics this blog will cover, but I don’t know what will happen from day to day and inspire me.

Things I can promise:

1. Lots of television reviews – I watch more television than seems humanly possible and I love to talk about it. I deal with some pretty dark stuff at work on a daily basis. I love the escape that television offers. I love to analyze different storylines and write about my predictions for the future. I love to consider what different writers might have been thinking when they wrote various episodes. I love to examine the sociological implications of different shows. I love to read about new shows in development and fantasize about new addictions. As a former social work student, I learned a lot about self-care and how to take care of my sanity. Healthy or not, television has always been my favorite form of self-care.

2. Random political tangents – Much to the chagrin of my conservative father, I have become a bleeding-heart, pacifist liberal. I’m especially invested in issues pertaining to women, such as domestic violence legislation and reproductive health care. As someone who was diagnosed with type 2 bipolar disorder, I am a person who needs affordable health care that does not discriminate against people with preexisting conditions. I have a lot of opinions. I occasionally like to write about those opinions. I truly hate to debate politics, though. It makes my blood pressure skyrocket and usually ends up with me near tears. Feel free to comment on political posts, but I will likely not engage in ongoing debate.

3. Rambling posts about trying to figure out what I am doing with my life

4. Adorable pictures of puppies – Who doesn’t love puppies?


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