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Previously on PLL: Aria met Ezra’s gorgeous little brother Wes. Spencer found out Toby’s part of A and awesomely slapped him across the face. Emily got a box of Ali’s things from Stalker Nate’s family. A “beach hottie” might have gotten Ali pregnant. Spencer cried outside Toby’s apartment while Mona enjoyed Spoby’s romantic anniversary dinner. Ezra left to meet his son. Spencer hired a PI to track Toby. Emily turned in Ali’s biology notebook to the police. At some point in time, Detective Wilden went to Cape May.

The girls sit around the coffee shop consoling Aria about Ezra leaving. Well, Emily and Hanna do. Spencer just focuses on the fact her coffee is now cold. They move on to discuss Wilden and what he knows. They’re convinced he’s the beach hottie mentioned in Ali’s notebook. Emily decides to go back to the police station and look at the photo again. Can we just think about that photo for a second? Why on Earth would one of Wilden’s private vacation photos be on display near the coffee machine in the police station? His office, yes. But in a public area? That’s just weird.

Jason DiLaurentis is back. Now that Ali’s remains have been returned to her family, they’ve decided to move them from her previous resting spot to a huge mausoleum. Maybe there’s better security there? Anyway, they’re going to have yet another burial service for Ali and Jason wants all the girls to have more time to say goodbye to Ali. Isn’t that what they’ve been doing for like two years now? Also, all the stuff buried with Ali’s body is still missing. Jason promises to keep the girls updated, but Spencer could give a shit. She’s done with saying goodbye to “Saint Ali.” Hanna tells Spencer to “dial it back,” but Spencer is so over Ali’s shit. As Spencer leaves, Aria assures Jason the other girls will be there.

Since Aria and Hanna have the items they put in Ali’s casket, Hanna thinks they should get rid of them pronto. The cops believe whoever has the mementos is the one who dug up Ali’s grave and the girls do not want to be implicated for that. Aria has a bad feeling that destroying evidence will just get them into more trouble. After some consideration, Aria decides to hang on to the earrings from Ali’s casket.

Spencer continues her downward spiral this week. She’s not even pretending to care about anyone else now. When Mona comes up to her to discuss Academic Decathlon stuff, I’m shocked Spencer doesn’t take out a knife and stab Mona right there. Mona starts talking about how Spencer is “off her A game” and needs to get ready for the Decathlon. Spencer assures her this is not a game to her. Something tells me they’re not talking about the Decathlon anymore at this point. Then Mona brings up Toby and walks away. Ouch.

Spencer’s private investigator has information for her. Apparently, a couple days ago, Toby bought some food, gas and $65 worth of hydrangeas. He’s now switched to cash, but the investigator is sure he’ll have to go back to his credit card eventually. He also traced the key to a general neighborhood, but he’ll need some more money to completely nail it down. The investigator tries to persuade Spencer that Toby just might be a good guy and Spencer is desperate enough that she seems to believe it. Spencer thinks about it for a while and decides to have the private investigator continue searching.

Jason finds Spencer and tells her the other girls are all coming to the cemetery that night. Spencer basically blows him off, which does not make him very happy. She goes on to meet the private investigator, who has traced A’s key to its exact keyhole. The private investigator clearly wants to know what Spencer thinks is behind the door, but she’s not giving a whole lot of information. She asks him if he ever played the “He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not” game with flowers. Spencer says the secret is just picking a flower with an odd number of petals. Without missing a beat, the private investigator names two types of flowers with odd numbers of petals. Apparently, he spent a lot of time playing that game. She asks him how many petals are on a hydrangea, but he doesn’t know that one.

Emily goes back to the police station under the guise of going out to dinner with her mom. She glances over to the bulletin board and sure enough, the picture of Wilden is gone. Mama Fields sees a postcard in her bag from Paris and Emily quickly grabs it away. On the back is a message in French that is clearly from A. She goes to visit Spencer to tell her about the postcard, which is apparently the artifact she put in Ali’s casket. Actually, she put in 25 postcards, so Emily’s about to get a whole lot of mail. Emily is also not a French speaker, because she thinks the message on the back is a death threat. Spencer translates it for her. Apparently, it really says that the police know Emily is capable of killing someone. Emily realizes A is talking about Nate, so Spencer tries to assure her the police know Emily was in the right in that situation. Before she leaves, Emily notices that Spencer is boxing up everything that reminds her of Toby. She tries to tell Spencer that things might not be that bad and she shouldn’t write off their relationship just yet. We also find out that Paige was not cheating on Emily last week. She was flirting with a woman who works at a costume shop to try to find out who bought the Queen of Hearts costume last Halloween. Spencer tells Emily that sometimes the truth is worse than what you expect.

Emily decides to go back to the therapist from last season. They talk a bit about Mona being back at school before Emily divulges that she killed Nate. The therapist tries to remind Emily that she was just defending herself, but Emily cannot see herself as a good person. She keeps reliving that night and cannot deal with it. Dr. Sullivan asks Emily if she has ever had hypnotherapy, but Emily says she has no problems remembering what happened. Dr. Sullivan says that hypnotherapy can also be used to reframe memories you already have.

On her next visit, Dr. Sullivan hypnotizes Emily. Dr. Sullivan asks Emily to remember that night at the lighthouse, but Emily actually remembers the night that Ali died. Emily starts freaking the fuck out. She sees herself holding a shovel and then picking it up as Ali screams. Yeah, like Emily could kill Ali. That’s not even a realistic red herring. After she leaves Dr. Sullivan’s office, Emily is still freaking out. She flashes back to a conversation with Ali about them moving to France one day. It’s all very sweet and reiterates the point that Emily was far too in love with Ali to ever kill her. After the flashback ends, Emily proceeds to freak out on her mom for treating her like she is still “sweet and innocent.” Emily is firmly convinced that she’s a cold-blooded killer.

Hanna spends most of the episode with Caleb at his aunt’s old house. This is the aunt that put him into foster care and, as such, is the source of all his issues. At first, Caleb does not have any interest in going to see his former home, but Hanna persuades him to go. They get to the farm and help Caleb’s uncle sort through everything. Caleb has very little to say and clearly does not want to be there. The important part of this whole storyline is that Hanna is wearing freaking overalls. Legit denim overalls. I refuse to believe she owns something as hideous as those. What happened to my favorite fashionista? The other important part of this storyline is that Caleb’s uncle might actually be his dad. Caleb’s uncle gives Hanna a picture of Caleb as an infant. It’s clearly worn around the corners, like it’s been in his wallet. The person holding Caleb is wearing a ring just like his uncle’s. All signs point to Uncle Jamie actually being Father Jamie.

Aria is spending all her free time at Ezra’s place, just waiting for him to come home. It’s a touch creepy. Anyway, she hears someone fumbling with a key and runs to the door, but it’s just Little Brother Wes. Apparently, Ezra said Wes could use his apartment whenever he’s away, so Wes has come to take him up on that offer. They quickly catch up on the Ezra/Maggie situation and then Aria asks why Wes isn’t in class. Apparently, his school decided to shut down in the middle of the semester to fumigate everything. Aria is an idiot and buys that as an acceptable excuse. Wes realizes that Aria is pathetic and encourages her to still hang around Ezra’s place. A day or so later, Aria goes back to Ezra’s place and Wes is still there. The phone rings and Wes totally freaks out. He and Aria decide to go get some food. The way Wes is acting, you’d think the mob is about to come after him. On their way back from the pizza place, someone comes after Wes and he attacks him with the leftover pizza. Apparently, the guy in question was Wes’s physics teacher’s husband. When they get back to Ezra’s apartment, Aria questions why Wes’s teacher’s husband wanted to kill him. Wes says to blame his mother for everything. All he was doing was trying to get kicked out of school and his mom just kept buying off the school board. He tried to fail classes and break rules. Nothing was working, so he just had to hit on his physics teacher.

As Dr. Sullivan leaves her office, Mona is waiting there to say hi with an officewarming present. It’s completely terrifying and Dr. Sullivan seems to think so, too.

Spencer goes to the apartment where A’s key leads and it has been completely cleared out. Spencer is devastated and bursts into tears.

We end the episode with Ali’s re-internment service. The girls and Jason wait for Spencer, but Jason realizes she is not going to show up. They go over to Ali’s new resting place and just stare at it awkwardly. Aria realizes Emily is upset about something. Spencer shows up after all and decides to clue in Jason about Ali’s potential pregnancy. The girls try to stop Spencer and tell her that in front of his sister’s grave is probably not the right place to drop this bombshell, but Spencer does not care about anything anymore. She tells Jason that if Ali was pregnant, then it was Detective Wilden’s baby. Jason leaves, possibly to assault a police officer. The other girls leave Spencer standing there, reminding her they’re her friends and not her punching bag. Hanna asks what they’re going to do about Jason, but Aria is more worried about Spencer right now. Emily says it’s one thing to doubt the person you love, but it’s another thing to doubt yourself. Emily realizes that what she remembered in Dr. Sullivan’s office was actually the night Ali’s grave was dug up. She sees A digging up Ali’s grave and also remembers a “girl in a red coat.” Hanna asks if it could have been Ali in the red coat, but Aria dismisses that as crazy. Emily says that whoever it was, she was blonde, wearing a red coat, and in charge of everything. We see Spencer go over to Toby’s mother’s crypt, where she proceeds to etch Toby’s name above his mom’s.

Our A vignette for the week is someone in a black hoodie buying a bottle of whiskey. We hear someone yell to make sure the clerk sees an ID and the black hoodie goes to pull out a driver’s license, but it of course fades to black before we actually see who it is. However, either Toby or Mona has a fake ID or we’ve got yet another black hoodie to unveil at some point in time.

Major questions brought about this week: Where the hell did Hanna get those overalls? How soon before Spencer stabs Mona? Why would Wilden’s private vacation photos be on display at his workplace?

Next week: Spencer continues to go cray cray.



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