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Have you seen the other three Paranormal Activity films? Well, you’ve basically seen #4. The film centers around what happened after Katie kidnapped Hunter at the end of the second film. It catches up five years later with a family in Henderson, Nevada. They are the stereotypical nuclear family (mom, dad, teenage daughter Alex, and six-year-old son Wyatt). One day, the family comes across another young boy who lives across the street, Robbie. He is SUPER creepy, but his mom is in the hospital and has nowhere else to go. Thus, our family takes in Robbie. After that, crazy stuff happens. It is, of course, all caught on webcam by Alex, who takes over the tech-savvy, curious role. She does this with the help of her boyfriend, Ben.

It has the trademarks of all the other films. Lots of time spent looking at empty rooms, analyzing every corner for the slightest movement. Swinging chandeliers that come crashing down. Small children talking to an invisible friend named Toby. Creepy people watching others sleep. Even the ways in which people are killed are virtually copycats of all the other ways. There’s the levitating person dropped from a great height, quick neck snap, etc.

I’ll be honest. I spent most of the film attached to my friend Tori’s arm. I jumped…a lot. I had to stifle a couple screams. But it all felt like been there, done that. I was scared in anticipation of what was going to happen next. I had such high hopes for the film. Every year for the past four years, my Halloween has included a new Paranormal Activity. They always scare the shit out of me. However, with every film, the fear is less intense. After the first film, I was pretty much catatonic with fear. Tonight, however, I’m a little skittish, but I’m not going to have any problems sleeping.

This film feels a lot like buying a Paranormal Activity Greatest Hits album. You get all excited because it’s something new from your favorite group, but then you realize you’ve seen it all before. And it ends up being just a huge disappointment.

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