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New series: The Mindy Project

I love The Office. While Kelly Kapoor was never my favorite character, I liked her simply for the fact that she was played by Mindy Kaling. For those unfamiliar with the incredibly talented Indian-American comedienne, get familiar with her. She has already become incredibly popular for her portrayal of Kelly Kapoor as well as her time writing for The Office. With The Mindy Project, she is about to become a household name.

In TMP, Kaling plays Mindy Lahiri, an OB/GYN who would love nothing more than to make her life a stereotypical romantic comedy. However, like most romantic comedy heroines, she is quirky and very unlucky in love. The pilot opens with her giving a toast at her ex-boyfriend’s wedding. Naturally, she is a tad bit tipsy and mainly just ends up humiliating herself. She runs out of the wedding, grabs a bottle of champagne, steals a bike, and proceeds to ride home intoxicated. She falls into a pool and ends up getting arrested.

The next day, she vows to her friend Gwen (Anna Camp, Pitch Perfect) that she is not going to keep being desperate and pathetic. Since this is a sitcom, we all know that plan will not come to fruition. I, for one, am incredibly thankful for that.

A large part of the pilot takes place at the hospital where Mindy works. Her coworkers are Danny Castellano (Chris Messina, The Newsroom), the asshole we’re supposed to believe truly has a heart of gold, and Jeremy Reed (Ed Weeks, new to American television), the British bad boy doctor with whom Mindy keeps having casual hook-ups. Mindy’s boss is portrayed by the hilarious Stephen Tobolowsky, who is famous for playing the creepy former teacher Sandy Ryerson on Glee, among many other roles.

In coming weeks, we probably have more workplace antics and disastrous dates to which we can look forward. I’m not particularly fond of the references to Mindy as being “chubby,” when she looks absolutely amazing, but the rest of the show is just so damn good. The characters have a lot of heart and Kaling is just inherently likable. The dialogue is quick and witty. You don’t have to like romantic comedies to enjoy this show, but pretty much everyone who does like them will love it. With guest stars like Ed Helms and other folks from The Office sure to make appearances, this is the perfect fit with the hit New Girl and will surely become appointment television.


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