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New Series: Go On

We start the show with Matthew Perry doing his radio show, talking about how he doesn’t like to be alone. In the next scene, we see just how true that is with a montage about all the times his poor assistant has to stay after work and entertain him.

Up next, we get our first glimpse of the support group Matthew Perry attends. There’s an elderly blind man in there. A socially awkward man who makes politically incorrect suggestions. A young man who seems bored with everything (played by now grown-up kid from Everybody Hates Chris). A young woman who doesn’t like her woman. A middle-aged Latina woman. A middle-aged woman who appears to be a business executive (at least based on her wardrobe). And the poor group leader who is just trying to keep control of everyone.

The next night, Sonia (the woman with boyfriend troubles) shows up at Matthew Perry’s work to hang out. He convinces her to leave and go get a cat as she is trying to convince him to be best friends. Then he tries to get his assistant to stay late again, but she gets out and says she is hanging out with friends. Unable to stay alone for longer than five seconds, he first tries to convince the janitor to do something fun with him and then crashes his assistant’s night out.

I haven’t quite figured out how John Cho fits into the show yet, but I adore him, so I’m glad he’s here. Matthew Perry and John Cho go to visit the elderly blind man (apparently named George) at his nursing home to see an “important piece of sports history.” Of course, it’s an empty case…because George is blind. He thinks it’s a ball from Wilt Chamberlain’s 100-point game. They eventually have to break the news to him.

The next day at the group session, Sonia comes up to Matthew Perry and says she got a cat named Fuzzy Jason. She starts to worry about Fuzzy Jason being home alone and decides she needs to get  a second cat. George is sitting there with all his valuable belongings next to him because he doesn’t want to get anything stolen ever again. He pulls out a record player and starts playing some jazz, which an Asian woman says makes her uncomfortable because it’s “too sexual.” Then Socially Awkward Man starts dancing up on George.

Back to Matthew Perry at work with his assistant and John Cho. Sonia has apparently been sending pictures of her and her cats to Matthew Perry. Matthew tries to get his assistant (Kerry) to hang out with him after work and ends up going to a salon with her and her friends. She tries to convince him that he needs to leave her alone outside of work, but he basically guilts her into hanging out with him because his wife is dead. They set up guidelines allowing him to stop throwing soccer balls at her head, call her when Jon Stewart says funny stuff on The Daily Show, and have her explain dress codes to him. He also asks that she occasionally be thinking about him and in return, he will occasionally leave her alone.

How Matthew Perry’s assistant is not an alcoholic is beyond me. He is like a super needy, manic puppy. It’s kind of adorable, but good lord. Also, why does she keep telling him where she’s going? Does he have a tracker on her? Is he stalking her?

Sonia is on Matthew Perry’s doorstep with her now 30+ cats. All the group memebers come over with the cats Sonia has gifted upon them (except Socially Awkward Guy who is just there). So, Matthew Perry now has approximately 50 cats sitting on a couch with him. Matthew Perry calls his group leader and she shows him why he was so wrong to ever suggest Sonia get cats. Next up, we see Matthew Perry standing on a corner with Free Cats signs and all the cats. Apparently, one of the cats did not get adopted, so it has become the Group Cat that they are all sharing.

We end the show with Matthew Perry and John Cho taking George to see the Lakers. They get him court side seats (as George puts it, “$2,000 seats for a blind man!”) and Matthew Perry tries to commentate the game for George until he eventually tells MP to just shut up and listen to the sounds of the game.

Overall, this show isn’t that great. The support group is weirdly co-dependent and there are too many personalities in there to really focus on just one person. Even three less people would help make the cast far less crowded. There were a couple funny lines, but the script just wasn’t that clever. I know that pilots have to establish the storyline and introduce all the characters, but this was pretty much a crowded mess. They need to pare down the characters and focus everything. It has potential, but I don’t think I’ll be watching it again.



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