Emmy Predictions

Before the show starts, I might as well add my two cents to all the Emmy predictions out there. I’m just going to go through and do the biggest categories. I haven’t seen any of the miniseries or movies nominated, though I think Mildred Pierce will probably sweep those categories.


Outstanding Comedy: 

Nominees: Glee, Parks and Recreation, The Office, Modern Family, 30 Rock, The Big Bang Theory

Will Win: Modern Family. This is such a critical darling and for good reason. It’s a fantastic show and a win would be well deserved. However…

Should Win: Parks and Recreation. This is really the only category where I’ve legitimately seen every episode of each of the shows. I love all of these shows. People who know me well know all about my intense Glee and Big Bang Theory obsessions. However, those shows both had uneven seasons. The Office is past its prime and 30 Rock suffered quite a bit this year. Modern Family also had its poor episodes. Parks and Rec was hands down the most consistently funny show of this category (I honestly would rather see Community win, but it didn’t get nominated). There are moments from this past season that had me rolling on the floor laughing and it was just the strongest of these six.

Lead Actor, Comedy:

Nominees: Matt LeBlanc (Episodes), Jim Parsons (The Big Bang Theory), Johnny Galecki (The Big Bang Theory), Steve Carell (The Office), Louis C.K. (Louie), Alec Baldwin (30 Rock)

Will Win: Steve Carell. It’s his last season portraying Michael Scott, which has become an incredibly beloved character. He’s also never won an Emmy in this category. It’s inevitable.

Should Win: Jim Parsons. He won last year and was just as fantastic this year. Even though Sheldon was front and center in too many episodes this season, Parsons was never unwelcome. I would also love to see Johnny Galecki win because he is really hilarious and is often overshadowed by Parsons.

Lead Actress, Comedy:

Nominees: Laura Linney (The Big C), Edie Falco (Nurse Jackie), Amy Poehler (Parks and Recreation), Melissa McCarthy (Mike & Molly), Martha Plimpton (Raising Hope), Tina Fey (30 Rock)

Will Win: Laura Linney. She made cancer funny. That’s nearly impossible to do, but she pulled it off and she did it well.

Should Win: Amy Poehler. Leslie Knope is one of the funniest characters on TV right now. The character started as a rip-off of Michael Scott, but Poehler has managed to put a completely different spin on the character. She seems naive at times, but she’s really just idealistic. More than anything, she’s a strong woman who has high aspirations. I want to be besties with Leslie Knope and Poehler deserves all the credit for that. She’s fantastic.

Supporting Actor, Comedy:

Nominees: Jon Cryer (Two and a Half Men), Chris Colfer (Glee), Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Modern Family), Ed O’Neill (Modern Family), Eric Stonestreet (Modern Family), Ty Burrell (Modern Family)

Will Win: Chris Colfer. I have a feeling that the Modern Family guys are going to cancel each other out and I just don’t foresee Jon Cryer winning it. He could very well win just for not being Charlie Sheen. However, Colfer has really been in the spotlight a lot this season for the bullying storyline and his wonderful relationship with Blaine (Darren Criss). I think he has the most momentum and might pull it off tonight.

Should Win: Ty Burrell. As much as I absolutely adore Chris Colfer, the majority of the scenes where he really shined this year were dramatic. He wasn’t given the opportunity to show off his comedic skills most of the time. I don’t watch enough of Two and a Half Men to know about Jon Cryer. However, Ty Burrell is a total scenestealer on Modern Family. Phil is possibly my favorite character and Burrell really hasn’t been recognized for that. I would love for this year to be his.

Supporting Actress, Comedy:

Nominees: Jane Lynch (Glee), Betty White (Hot in Cleveland), Julie Bowen (Modern Family), Kristen Wiig (SNL), Jane Krakowski (30 Rock), Sofia Vergara (Modern Family)

Will Win: Jane Lynch. She’s the freaking host. It’s just kind of awkward if she doesn’t win.

Should Win: Julie Bowen. She has to play the “straight man” a lot of the time, which can be a very unforgiving role. However, when Bowen is given the chance to be the goofy, outgoing one, she is absolutely hilarious. She has amazing comedic timing and does fantastic with the role of Claire.


Outstanding Drama Series:

Nominees: Boardwalk Empire, The Good Wife, Mad Men, Friday Night Lights, Dexter, Game of Thrones

Will Win: Mad Men. When the Emmys loves something, they consistently reward it. Mad Men has won the past three years and will likely win for the fourth time.

Should Win: Friday Night Lights. This is one of the best shows in recent television history. It has never been nominated for Best Series and this was its final season. The only Emmy it has ever won is for Outstanding Casting and it deserves so much more than that. FNL has had five mostly consistent seasons. The only exception was the ludicrous murder plot from the second season, but other than that, it has been absolutely exquisite. Anything less than a win is an absolute travesty.

Lead Actor, Drama:

Nominees: Steve Buscemi (Boardwalk Empire), Michael C. Hall (Dexter), Kyle Chandler (Friday Night Lights), Jon Hamm (Mad Men), Hugh Laurie (House), Timothy Olyphant (Justified)

Will Win: Steve Buscemi. Period shows are like crack to the Emmys and pretty much any awards show.Buscemi has received a lot of critical praise and after his Golden Globes win, he has a good shot at winning here as well.

Should Win: Kyle Chandler. Look at everything I just said about Friday Night Lights. Kyle Chandler’s Coach Taylor is the moral center of this show. He has never been recognized by the Emmys and that needs to change tonight.

Lead Actress, Drama:

Nominees: Elisabeth Moss (Mad Men), Connie Britton (Friday Night Lights), Mariska Hargitay (Law & Order: SVU), Mireille Enos (The Killing), Julianna Margulies (The Good Wife), Kathy Bates (Harry’s Law)

Will Win: Kathy Bates. She’s going to win because she’s Kathy Bates. The Emmys tends to be ridiculously unimaginative with their picks in this category (look at last year’s win for Kyra Sedgwick). Bates is one of the most unimaginative picks for this category, so she’s a safe bet.

Should Win: Connie Britton. Once again, Friday Night Lights. It’s amazing. Britton is phenomenal as Coach’s wife Tami and she needs to be recognized. Now.

Supporting Actor, Drama:

Nominees: John Slattery (Mad Men), Andre Braugher (Men of a Certain Age), Walton Goggins (Justified), Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones), Josh Charles (The Good Wife), Alan Cumming (The Good Wife)

Will Win: Peter Dinklage. All the buzz is behind him and he is reportedly amazing in Game of Thrones.

Should Win: John Slattery. To be fair, he’s the only one whose performance I’ve actually seen, but he is fantastic. I really love Roger on Mad Men and Slattery does a great job with him.

Supporting Actress, Drama:

Nominees: Kelly Macdonald (Boardwalk Empire), Christina Hendricks (Mad Men), Michelle Forbes (The Killing), Archie Panjabi (The Good Wife), Margo Martindale (Justified), Christine Baranski (The Good Wife)

Will Win: Archie Panjabi. She won last year and I think she’ll probably win again this year.

Should Win: Christina Hendricks. Joan is fantastic and Hendricks does amazing with the character. She’s absolutely gorgeous and sexy, which she ties into her character. Her sense of humor is fantastic. She’s basically just a badass and deserves to win.


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