The musings of a feminist pop culture fanatic

Hello again!

I swear I have not abandoned this blog! In the five months since I last updated, I finished my junior year of college, went to Europe for the first time in my life, worked at my regular summer nerd camp, and started an internship and my senior year. That didn’t leave room for much blogging time. However, with the nature of my current internship, I need some time for self-care and movies and television have always been my favored outlet. I’m going to attempt to update three times a week, but I might get behind. I promise it will not be five months again, though.

I decided to refine my focus a little more, though. In all honesty, I’m not a huge music person. I know what I like and am constantly listening to that, but I don’t have the same passion about that as I do with movies and TV. Occasionally, I might throw in a post about a music video or song that EW recommends, but I will probably not do any full album reviews (unless it’s an artist I actually know and feel confident writing about). I’m also going to expand to some TV shows that EW does not specifically recommend. I’m planning on a full fall preview of TV with my ridiculous schedule included (I’m attempting to follow 26 shows this season). I’ll also keep up my liveblogs of the Emmys, Golden Globes, and Oscars.

This week, I’ve got plans to review the Sons of Anarchy fourth season premiere, The Millionaire Matchmaker, and Suits. There is also the possibility of a liveblog of the True Blood season finale, provided I can catch up before Sunday and find a house with HBO. We’ll see. Stay tuned!


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