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EW Description: “The American Idol champ takes a shot at The Breakfast Club’s most memorable song. His hard-driving cover is now the tune Idol plays to say farewell to the contestants who come up short.”

This post isn’t so much going to be about the song as it is about my love for David Cook. I don’t really know what I can say about this song other than that it’s amazing. Even though it’s one of the most memorable songs from The Breakfast Club, I don’t think about the movie at all when I’m listening to David Cook’s version. Like he did so many times when he sang on Idol, he took an extremely popular song and made it his own. It’s one of his greatest talents and he’s amazing at reimagining songs. My all-time favorite performance of his will probably always be “Always Be My Baby.”

I am so happy to see all the success David Cook has had since he won American Idol in 2008. I can never forget what year he won because every time I drive home from school, I’m greeted with the “Welcome to Blue Springs, Home of David Cook American Idol 2008” sign on either side of I-70 going into my hometown. Cook went to my rival high school, but I feel connected to him because we are from the same town. His elementary school was where I went for gifted class once a week when I was in fifth grade.

Since he’s several years older than me, I never knew of him when he still lived in Blue Springs. I think I was in 6th grade when he was a senior, or something like that. No, David Cook didn’t exist to me until he made it to Idol when I was a senior in high school. That’s when Cookmania hit the town. Local businesses had signs up for him. One of the frozen custard stores (not the one I worked at, so the bad one in town) had a concrete called the David Cookie. When he came back for his hometown concert, my high school let us out half an hour early so we could get across town for it. Blue Springs loves David Cook. He will always be our hometown treasure.

Lots of my friends think the hero worship for him is a bit ridiculous and I agree, to an extent. I think the signs they put up on I-70 less than six months after he won were a bit premature. I have a theory that they had those signs in storage somewhere and were just waiting for someone from Blue Springs to get famous and write their name on them.

But the point is, he’s the first person from Blue Springs to really make it big. It’s not like we’re some podunk town. We’re in the Kansas City metro area and have somewhere between 50-60,000 people. We’ve had some minor celebrities, but no one that was known all across the country. And I don’t care if you don’t watch American Idol, it’s impossible not to know who won it or even came in second place. You might not remember them a couple years down the road, but at one point, you could cite the winner of that particular season.

David Cook gives me hope, as cheesy as that is. I don’t have dreams of becoming a famous rock star or an award-winning actress, but my goal was always to get out of Blue Springs. There’s nothing wrong with the town. It’s an extremely pleasant place to live and I wouldn’t trade growing up there for the world, but I never wanted to spend my whole life there. I want to travel and get a PhD and help people. They don’t seem like big dreams, necessarily, but they’re what I’ve got. David Cook showed me and everyone else living in Blue Springs at the height of Cookapalooza that it is possible to get out of Blue Springs and achieve anything we want.

So ends this cheesy post, but it’s what I wanted to say. And seriously, check out this song. It’s awesome. I embedded it below.


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