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EW Description: “The singer’s stark, lovely new spot from her smash album Speak Now finds her bereft on a bleak winter’s day, working through her melancholy over the love she let go.”

I said in an early review of Swift’s Speak Now album that this is one of the few songs on it that doesn’t make me want to claw out my eardrums. Well, now every time I turn on the radio, this song is playing. I’m starting to change my mind. I honestly have no clue why this video is a must-see because there is truly nothing special about it.

It’s a very run-of-the-mill, average music video. Maybe I’m spoiled by the epicness of Lady Gaga’s music videos, but this just doesn’t wow me. It’s basically just Swift looking sad, writing music, taking a bath, and wandering around in the snow. I mean, it’s not a bad video by any means, but it’s nowhere near as good as people might make it out to be.

I think that’s my biggest problem with Taylor Swift. I absolutely adored her when her debut album came out. I listened to it constantly and I still like to go back and listen to some songs on it. “Picture to Burn” is one of my favorite songs to yell along with when I’m really pissed off at the world. There is no denying that Swift has talent. She’s a very good songwriter. However, all of her songs tend to sound the same. “Back to December” is one of her more unique songs, which is why I didn’t instantly hate it. She is not the greatest thing to happen to pop music, though. I have great respect for her as a songwriter and a performer, but I can think of at least ten artists who are better songwriters and don’t get nearly the attention that Swift does.

If you really like Taylor Swift, you’ll like this video. If you’re kind of sick of her like I am, you’re not missing out on anything if you choose not to watch it. Trust me.

Comments on: "Taylor Swift’s “Back to December” video (1/28)" (1)

  1. I love the song-but I think it’s because I don’t listen to the radio so it’s not overplayed for me. Plus I love the LP video to it.

    But I completely agree with your analysis of Swift. Definitally.

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