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Golden Globes 2011

7:00 It’s starting!

7:03 Oh, Ricky Gervais. How I adore you.

7:05 Who knew Scarlett Johansson was Jewish? And what happened to Christian Bale? A little bit fug. Andrew Garfield = so adorable.

7:07 In one of the least competitive races, Christian Bale wins for Best Supporting Actor.

7:09 So many gray ruffles on that dress, Julie Bowen.

7:10 Best TV Actress – Drama: One of the most underwhelming categories of the night. But the right person definitely won. What I’ve seen of Sons of Anarchy is fantastic because of Katey Sagal.

7:16 That’s a lot of pink and a very odd sleeve set-up, Julianne Moore.

7:18 Carlos wins for Best TV Movie. Makes up for the fact it can’t win Best Foreign Film at the Oscars.

7:20 Nice awkward hair ruffling there, Carlos men.

7:22 Awkward moment of the night. Ricky Gervais calls Bruce Willis “Ashton Kutcher’s dad.”

7:23 Leighton Meester even sounds awkward in real life.

7:24 I just got tingles watching Chris Colfer walk up to the stage. So incredibly happy for him.

7:30 I almost did not recognize Michelle Pfeiffer.

7:31 Excellent recovery there, Eva.

7:32 I feel like the color of the HFPA president’s hair is not found in nature.

7:34 Why does Dexter have a ginger beard?

7:35 Honestly, Steve Buscemi is the most underwhelming part of Boardwalk Empire. This was probably Jon Hamm’s best season on Mad Men. Big mistake, HFPA.

7:37 Very early in the night for Drama. It’s clear the big races are in Comedy this year.

7:38 Boardwalk Empire wins for Best TV Drama, continuing the Golden Globes’ trend of rewarding all things shiny and new.

7:39 Apparently Mark Wahlberg is an EP for Boardwalk Empire. For a second, I thought he just wandered up on the stage.

7:40 Angelina fixing Brad’s tie there was possibly the most human thing I’ve ever seen her do.

7:44 I’m not entirely sure “inspiringly” is a word, but way to go Andrew Garfield.

7:46 Cut the banter, Alec Baldwin and JLo. Y’all are so awkward.

7:47 And this is the only thing Burlesque will win all year.

7:48 Pulling out the mommy card.

7:49 Why do they have to present another award together? Go away, J. Lo.

7:50 Totally agree with this win. The score of The Social Network was absolutely fantastic.

7:55 Justin Bieber can go die in a fire. That’s nice he’s presenting Best Animated Film, though. Accurate for his age.

7:57 Best quote of the night: Toy Story 3 producer to Justin Bieber – “Weren’t you like 1 when the first Toy Story came out?” Also, Toy Story 3 = Schindler’s Toybox (thanks to Lauren for that one).

7:59 Damn. Robert Downey Jr.’s films really do all sound like porn films.

8:01 Did not even recognize Emma Stone. Don’t know how I feel about the blonde hair.

8:02 Robert Downey, Jr. is such a wonderfully dirty man.

8:03 In another of the least competitive races, Annette Bening wins for Best Movie Comedy Actress.

8:04 This acceptance speech is oddly stilted. Annette Bening seems like she’s reading off a teleprompter or something. And I would not have realized that’s how you pronounce Mia W’s last name.

8:10 Of course Sylvester Stallone is presenting The Fighter. And he just looks kind of weird. As Nicole said, he looks tired.

8:11 Tilda Swinton always makes such ugly fashion choices.

8:12 I didn’t particularly enjoy Al Pacino in You Don’t Know Jack. It’s clear he just won this award for being Al Pacino.

8:14 Every time I see Al Pacino speak in real life, I’m reminded why he needs someone to write his script.

8:15 Little Angela Chase is so grown up…and pink. Definitely a well-deserved win. She was fantastic as Temple Grandin.

8:23 Some of these presenters are such obvious rating ploys. What on earth does Zac Efron have to do with The Kids Are All Right? Also, that was the most needlessly dramatic introduction of a film.

8:25 Tina Fey and Steve Carell are just fantastic together.

8:26 AARON SORKIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8:29 Ooh, pretty boys.

8:30 Jane Lynch! Woohoo!

8:36 I care about Best Foreign Film. Even if I did not call it correctly. I figured it would be Javier Bardem’s Biutiful.

8:38 Also, yay for Denmark!

8:39 Oh, Helen Mirren. That dress is not particularly flattering on you.

8:41 Laura Linney wins! Excellent choice. I truly love The Big C.

8:48 JIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m about as excited as Kaley is right now.

8:50 No matter what, Helena Bonham Carter will always be Bellatrix Lestrange to me. And she will always terrify me.

8:51 Melissa Leo is so adorable. so excited for her. She was absolutely fantastic in The Fighter.

8:53 As this speech goes on, I feel like she’s had a little bit to drink tonight.

8:58 Oh Robert De Niro. I’m really glad he’s a man of few words, though, because this award can be a bit tedious at times.

8:59 Please don’t imitate Robert De Niro, Matt Damon. Just go to the clip package, please.

9:03 Did they seriously include Rocky and Bullwinkle in that package and not Meet the Parents? I mean, really? If you’re going to include his comedies, Meet the Parents is probably something he’d rather remember.

9:14 Huh. Megan Fox is a joke of an actress presenting a joke of a film. Fitting.

9:15 David Fincher wins Best Director. This surprises no one.

9:17 Oh January Jones. That is not a flattering dress on you.

9:18 Definitely don’t agree with the win for Glee. It was good in the first 13 episodes, not since then. It should have gone to Modern Family or in a perfect world, Big Bang Theory.

9:24 Black Swan presentation. Oh, how I adore you.

9:25 In another of the nothing categories for the night, Paul Giamatti wins Best Actor in a Comedy Movie. He’s a tiny bit tipsy, I believe.

9:32 Oh Joseph Gordon-Levitt. You can read me the phone book and I’d be in heaven. Just keep speaking to me.

9:33 So well-deserved. Natalie Portman was fantastic.

9:35 I maintain that Natalie Portman is the best-dressed of that night. I absolutely adore her dress.

9:38 It’s Woody and Buzz Lightyear!

9:39 No one surprised by this at all. The Kids Are All Right wins Best Comedy. It was good, but I was pretty underwhelmed by it.

9:46 Oh, Sandra Bullock. She’s so fantastic.

9:48 Colin Firth wins. No one is surprised.

9:54 Michael Douglas. Looking much better after the chemo.

9:55 In a perfect world, Black Swan would win this, but it’s going to be The Social Network.

9:56 Every time I hear The Social Network score, I want to get it more and more.

9:57 No one is really surprised to see The Social Network win. Pretty much everyone we thought was going to win did. No real surprises.

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