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EW Description: “Mom and Dad write the darndest things, especially when the buttons are tiny. Check out this site for a daily dose of hilarity.”

When Parents Text is my new favorite website. Just about every single post makes me laugh and all of them at least bring a smile to my face. I think there’s one simple reason for that. This could be any of our parents. Everyone in our generation has had to deal with their parents asking about some form of technology. We were there as our parents got cell phones. We were there as our parents first signed on to facebook. Then came the horror of texting. I’ve been fortunate enough that my parents absolutely refuse to learn to text. That doesn’t mean I can’t sympathize with the people who post on this website, however.

I really can’t describe what makes this website so hilarious to me. As with all forms of humor, everyone is going to find it funny (or not) for different reasons. I just know that I can relate to this site more than places like textsfromlastnight or fmylife. Check out the site for yourself and tell me what you think.

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