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EW Description: “CBS’ beloved series has accomplished the rare feat of making intellectualism both admirable and hilarious. And this seasons’ stellar collection of guest stars (George Takei! Mayim Bialik! Eliza Dushku!) has given us more reasons than ever to totally geek out.”

When I first read about The Big Bang Theory in TV Guide’s preview issue in the fall of 2007, I thought it sounded like the stupidest thing I had ever heard. I thought it would just paint nerds in a negative light and as someone who goes to nerd camp every year and competed on the Scholar Bowl team in high school, I felt like I would just be offended. So, I decided to skip that show and patiently wait for it to be cancelled so a better show could take its place.

As time progressed, I started hearing more about the show. Television critics I really respected would talk about it and say good things about it. Eventually, friends of mine who had similar taste in television were watching it and telling me how good it was. I started to come around to the idea that it wouldn’t be all bad and maybe I would give it a shot one day.

Fast forward to April 29, 2010. I decided to reward myself after a day filled with an exam, two group presentations, and a final project due date. I logged on to one of my less than legit TV watching websites and started the pilot episode. Six days later, I had watched every episode that had aired and I was shaking like a heroin addict going through withdrawal waiting for the next new episode.

I was hooked. I had to watch Big Bang Theory every day or something felt like it was missing. The show got me through the remainder of the school year and the summer. I was watching multiple episodes a day. When my grandmother gave me money when I went up to visit her, I ran out and bought the first two seasons on DVD. I talked about the show incessantly. I quoted it at work. My friends were worried because they thought I had lost my grip on reality. Actually, I was just head over heels in love with this TV show. While my friends did not find the show as fascinating as I did, I found a community of people online to talk with on a regular basis. We were all in love with the show. I had been searching for a group as addicted to television as I was and I had finally found them. Even though I’ve never met them in person, I consider most of them to be close friends.

Since then, my addiction has waned a little bit. I no longer need to watch an episode every single day. However, A poster of the cast was the first thing I hung on my bedroom wall in my new apartment. Another picture of the cast is my background on my computer desktop. My friends still tend to think I’m dangerously addicted to the show, but they didn’t see my television addictions in high school and those were much worse.

As for the reasons why I love this show, it’s not necessarily something I can fully explain, but I’ll give it a shot.

1. I’m a nerd. While I’m not a scientific genius like the guys on the show and I don’t follow comic books the way they do, I fully consider myself a nerd. I’ve been attending nerd camp since I was in the 8th grade and I know people who are like these guys. This is also one of the few shows that celebrates nerds rather than laughs at them. It’s something I greatly appreciate.

2. Penny and Leonard. Their relationship is one of my favorites on television. I love them just as much when they’re friends as I do when they’re dating, though I tend to prefer the romantic relationship because they’re so adorable together. The way they play off of each other is hilarious. Plus, Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki just have awesome chemistry.

3. The Fantastic Four. Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, and Raj have the best friendship I’ve seen on television in a really long time. I love watching their antics. My favorite episodes tend to be the ones that focus on the friendship between the four (the Lord of the Rings episode from the third season, the Justice League episode from the fourth season).

4. The episodes never get old. There are episodes that I have watched at least a dozen times since April. There are some scenes where I can just about recite the lines with it. The humor is always fresh, except for when they focus on storylines about bodily functions. That’s not something I enjoy, but the humor is generally something of a higher caliber.

I can’t fully explain why I love this show as much as I do. I think it just came along at a time when I needed something to make me laugh and I latched onto it. As I sit here in my new I Heart Leonard shirt, watching my first season DVDs with my mom and try to get her hooked on the show, I don’t really know all the reasons why I love the show. I just know that I’m extremely thankful for it.

Comments on: "#10 The Big Bang Theory (11/19)" (2)

  1. I can vouch for the heroin addict part. And also the part about your friends worrying that you’d lost your grip on reality. :-p

  2. Obviously you know I love this show, and much to my delight, I befriended a physics major this summer who actually brought up Schrodinger’s cat one day at dinner. I nearly died laughing and told him he HAD to watch the show.

    This season has had several raunchier, sex-focused episodes that I could do without, but other than that, I have no complaints!

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