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EW Description: “Dec. 5 will mark the end of the Empire, capping off a fantastic season of illicit hooch and hot-to-trot flappers as Nucky (Steve Buscemi) tries to keep a hold on his seaside fiefdom. You can catch earlier episodes on HBO on Demand.”

I know I’m a few days late (fine, 17 days) on this, but I don’t have HBO at school and haven’t had a chance to sit down and watch the finale until tonight. So, here goes.

The season ended with Election Day. In the least surprising storyline (unless you’re really unfamiliar with US history), Warren Harding became president. The real story was with the Republicans keeping control of Atlantic City. Of course, Nucky stayed in power as the puppet master and Eli was reappointed sheriff.

We found out the Commodore’s maid had slowly been poisoning him with arsenic. Rather than arresting her, Nucky said he completely understood why she wanted to kill him and let her go on the promise that she would not continue to poison people. Later in the episode, Jimmy had a heart-to-heart with the Commodore and the two are both really pissed at Nucky. Next season will most likely feature the battle between Jimmy and Nucky for control of Atlantic City. Also, Eli is on the same side as Jimmy and the Commodore.

Jimmy also finally talked to his girlfriend about her wanting to run off to Paris with her lover and they’re probably back together. I was hoping for Angela and Mary to end up happily ever after, but alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

Nucky and Margaret made up after he told her his sob story about his dead wife and child. The story was really pretty heartbreaking (the baby died days before he and his wife actually realized it and he never held his son while the baby was alive), so those two will be back together next season.

Oh yeah, and Van Alden knocked up Lucy. A pregnant Lucy next season? Oh, god. Help us all.

Here’s the thing about Boardwalk Empire. All the previews before it actually premiered were completely astounding. I love Prohibition era history, so I had very high hopes for this show. All season, though, I’ve felt pretty meh about it. Outside of the pilot, which I probably liked more for the novelty of it than anything, no episode has really blown me away. There are characters I like, but none that I love. Characters I hate, but none that I loathe. Steve Buscemi does great as Nucky, but I don’t have any really strong feelings about the character. Most of the storylines this season have been fairly boring. The only one I really was invested in was the love quadrangle between Jimmy, Angela, and the Dittrichs. Even then, it only lasted a few episodes and didn’t fully grab my attention.

I really enjoy Jimmy’s character, mainly because Michael Pitt is a truly fantastic actor. He’s come a long way since the days of Henry on Dawson’s Creek. As long as Jimmy continues to get these meaty storylines, the show will probably hold my attention. The scenes between Buscemi and Pitt were pretty great in the last few episodes, especially since Jimmy found out Nucky’s history with his mother. I feel like the battle between Nucky and Jimmy could be extremely interesting next season.

I feel like I might have gone into this show with too high of expectations and that stopped me from really enjoying it. I was expecting to be blown away by every episode and I didn’t get that. The storylines that have been set up for next season seem like they have potential, so I will most likely be back for season 2. I just hope the show gets better.



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