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#4 16 and Pregnant (11/2)

EW Description: “In season 3, the docuseries follows another group of overwhelmed teens. It’s still the most emotional, riveting reality on TV.”

I’ll be honest. When I first saw this on the Must List, I rolled my eyes. I thought there would be no redeeming quality whatsoever about this show. When I picture MTV reality shows, I picture Laguna Beach and The Hills, not something that is actually educational and true to life. Now that I’ve actually given 16 and Pregnant a chance, I am beyond hooked.

I’ve watched the most recent few episodes and the stories are so riveting. Every episode is an emotional rollercoaster. I start out the episode rolling my eyes at these girls and their idealistic views on life. By about halfway through the episode, I feel so bad for them because their dreams are just going out the window. We see shows like “Gilmore Girls” where Lorelai was able to pull everything together and make a really great life for herself, despite the fact she had Rory when she was 16, but that’s such a fictional, unrealistic view.

None of the people I have seen on this show are anywhere near ready for parenthood. A lot of people have criticized the show for glamorizing teen prgenancy and I’m pretty sure anyone who says that has never actually seen an episode. We see these girls when they are extremely stressed and feel like their lives are falling apart. At the end of every episode I’ve seen, the girl always says she wished she had waited until she was older to have children. For the girls out there who are getting pregnant in order to get on this show, they need to carefully watch and see how things actually go for these girls. I’m sorry, but I would not want the lives of any of these girls. Things suck for them. MTV does nothing to make it look better.

I applaud MTV for showing this. As far as reality TV goes, this is possibly the most realistic I’ve seen.

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  1. I love this show! It’s like crack. I agree, I think it’s a pretty realistic in how it shows the girls lives post pregnancy.

    MTV is putting out a special later this year on a girl who goes through an abortion. I have high hopes that MTV will handle it with the class and story telling that they’ve given the Teen Mom specials. At least I hope it doesn’t turn in to a “I had an abortion, my life sucks, I never should have done it,” special.

    • Yeah, the special airs tomorrow night after the reunion special. I’m really excited to see it. A couple of the feminist blogs I read have talked about some of the people who are commentators on it and they’re people I really respect.

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