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#1 Dexter (10/1)

EW Description: “Last season just slayed us, so we’re amped up for our favorite do-gooder sociopath’s return. This year, Dexter will have to grapple with his guilt over Rita’s death, and a new bond he forms with a mysterious woman played by Julia Stiles.”

I’ve heard a lot about Dexter through the years. So many people have told me I should watch it and at various times, I’ve tried to watch the pilot. However, I absolutely cannot deal with lots of violence. Seeing as how the show is about a serial killer and blood splatter analyst, there’s going to be lots of blood and violence. But when I’m watching a show and have to watch so much of it through my fingers because I have to turn away from the blood, it seems a little bit pointless.

I absolutely adore Michael C. Hall. I’ve been a fan of his since I marathoned Six Feet Under during my freshman year of college. He’s an incredibly gifted actor and he is amazing as Dexter. It’s hard to play a sociopath without going completely over the top. He plays it with this calm, unfeeling tone that conveys so much.

The Trinity storyline from last year was all over the entertainment blogs, so I am very familiar with the events of the fourth season. The Trinity Killer (John Lithgow) killed Rita (Julie Benz) in the sason finale and now Dexter has to figure out how to move on and be a single father while still being a sociopathic serial killer. In the season finale, Hall does an amazing job portraying Dexter’s frustration with his inability to properly grieve for his wife. From what I’ve heard about the rest of the season, Julia Stiles is also doing a great job as a potential murder victim that Dexter saved from being killed.

There’s really nothing that is bad about this show. It’s just that it’s too much gratuitous violence for me. It’s really an excellent show and if someone can handle violence without getting squeamish, I highly recommend it to them.

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