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EW Description: “He topped off his Taylor Swift apology tour with a sweeping cut that eviscerates (and celebrates?) douchebaggery everywhere. If this is Kanye contrite, then we think he should be sorry more often.”

Here’s the thing. Kanye West is a total asshole. But he knows he’s an asshole and he’s okay with it. I’m totally fine with that. As long as a person knows he or she is an asshole and just accepts that, it’s cool with me. It’s when they think they’re nice and are blind to the fact that they are complete and total jackasses that I start to have a problem with them.

Kanye West embraces his assholishness wholeheartedly. It’s part of his personality. Honestly, it’s what makes him so lovable. No matter how many times he screws up, we will always forgive because he’s an asshole and it’s just what he does. This song is basically his anthem.

The entire song is celebrating the fact that Kanye is such an asshole, but there is also a lot of pain in it because you can tell he knows he screws up a lot of shit. The “runaway” part of the song where he gets the title is when he’s warning people to “runaway as fast as you can” because we’ve been “putting up with [his] shit just way too long.”

Kanye, as long as you keep making quality music, we’ll always forgive you. This song isn’t my favorite that he’s done, but I love the spirit of it and the fact that it’s so self-aware. It’s not something I would listen to on repeat, but I appreciate that he recorded it. Definitely check it out if you haven’t yet done so.

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