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EW Description: “Jon Stewart and his crew of writers believe the world is ending, and this irreverent 244-page guide is their hilarious take on our dubious accomplishments in science and politics.”

I hereby decree that this book be placed in every time capsule buried in the next 5 years. This book is wonderful for pointing out the general fucked-upness of our entire world. Absolutely nothing is left untouched and it is all addressed with The Daily Show’s scathing wit. Every page made me chuckle in some way.

The book addresses nine specific sections of the human condition: Earth, Life, Man, The Life Cycle, Society, Commerce, Religion, Science, and Culture. Personally, I loved the sections on Society, Religion, and Culture the most, but I found something to enjoy in every single chapter. While not as overtly political as The Daily Show’s “America (The Book)”, it will still probably piss a lot of people off and I would not have it any other way.

The basic premise is that this book serves as a tour guide for when the aliens inevitably invade and kill off the human race .The writers try to address every aspect of our lives in order to show the aliense what life was like for us on Earth. This brings about hilarious results. At the end of every chapter, there is a FAQ section where the “aliens” ask questions of humans. These questions are perfectly logical and point out how screwed up humanity is and the humans try to explain everything logically.

There’s a little something for everyone in this book, unless you’re a fundamentalist Christian who believes strongly in Creationism and thinks Jon Stewart is the devil. Then you probably won’t like it so much, but oh well.


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