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After a long week of tests and papers, it’s time for some party music. Here we go. Let’s start with Pink.

EW Description: “Though her greatest-hits collection isn’t due until Nov. 16, the rocker offers us an excellent first round with her raucous new single. The album may be looking back at past triumphs, but this song has got us looking forward to her future ones.”

I have always loved Pink. “Don’t Let Me Get Me” was pretty much my anthem throughout middle school. I’ve seen her evolve from slightly emo-ish punk rock star to total badass punk pop superstar. And I’ve loved every step along the way.

Throughout the years, her music has become a little more Top 40-friendly than it probably would have been seven years ago. Although there is more of a dance-y pop feel to her music, she’s still a full-on badass and I adore her. With “Raise Your Glass,” a song that at first just seems like it’s about getting drunk and having fun, Pink parlays a much deeper message. Basically, that message is “Fuck it all. Just be yourself and have fun.” It’s a message all of us need to hear every now and then.

Also, anyone that will dress up as Rosie the Riveter and a nerdy high school girl in the same video is pretty much awesome. Add that to showing scenes of her laying naked in bed with religious officials from every background and it’s pretty much amazing.

Moving on to the less badass, but still pretty awesome Katy Perry.

EW Description: “Yes, this clip shows sparks flying out of the singer’s boobs. But it’s all part of her let-your-light-shine ballad’s genuinely affecting message of self-love, tolerance, and acceptance.”

Here’s the thing. I know Katy Perry’s songs aren’t that great. They’re overly poppy and generally have no real substance, but they’re just so damn addictive. When I first went to watch this video, I was expecting another song exactly like “Teenage Dream” and “I Kissed a Girl,” but I was pleasantly surprised. This song has actual meaning!

The main hook of the song is “Baby, you’re a firework/Come on, show ’em what you’re worth.” Where her other songs have just been about partying and young love, this song is all about showing the world that you are awesome. We need more songs like this from female pop artists.

EW also mentions the sparks flying out of Katy Perry’s boobs. From the way I read the description, I was expecting a copycat of the whipped cream bra from her “Teenage Dream” video, but the sparks in “Firework” are a metaphor for literally showing the world your power. And sparks fly out of every character’s chest. The overweight teenage girl who is afraid to swim in front of her friends, the little girl with cancer, the young boy who is fed up with the domestic violence between his parents, the young gay man at a party who is afraid to go up to the guy he likes, the street magician who is getting mugged. Everybody has a light to show the world.

It’s great when there are songs like “Raise Your Glass” and “Firework,” because they aren’t the typical cheesy “love yourself” songs. As much as I love songs like Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful,” it is a tad on the over-the-top, cheesy side. These songs are great because they make people want to get up and dance, but it’s to a song with a positive message. So many pop songs are just about partying and getting drunk. It’s nice when one comes along with an actual message.

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