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EW Description: “The terrifying R-rated horror sequel has scared up a few brand-new night terrors, along with frighteningly good box office numbers.”

Here’s the thing, I adore scary movies. I love the adrenaline rush that comes from being scared. I love not knowing what is going to happen next. I love when a movie legitimately terrifies me. There have been two movies in the past year that have done exactly that: Paranormal Activity and now, its sequel.

A lot of people have panned both movies as being boring and mundane. I think that’s part of what makes it so scary. By setting it in a generic house with unknown actors, it could be anyone this is happening to. PA2 takes place before the first one, focusing this time on Katie’s sister’s family. She lives with her husband, stepdaughter, and infant son. The haunting that happened to Katie and Micah in the first film is identical to what happens in the second film. There is so much continuity between the two films and a lot of things that went unanswered in the first movie are addressed in the sequel.

I loved that they called back to things in the first movie, particularly the picture Micah finds in the attic. They also amped up some of the more startling moments and there were more moments where I screamed in the theater. There’s also something wonderful about seeing these films in the theater. The studio markets these films in a way that people go in not really knowing very much about the plot. I know I didn’t know what to expect, so every reaction I had was completely visceral. In my opinion, these are the best horror movies in the past decade. They’re way better than the Saw movies, anyway.

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