The musings of a feminist pop culture fanatic

#1 The Walking Dead (11/5)

EW Description: “Zombies are invading! Your TV, at least. AMC’s spooky new series debuts Halloween night and depicts the survivors of a zombie invasion who have to deal – violently – with some very gnarly undead.”

This was definitely better than I was expecting. Whenever I hear of something about zombies, I just picture hordes walking around and saying “brains” in a really creepy voice. I mean, there are still hordes of zombies, but there is real substance to the show. It focuses on Rick, a sheriff’s deputy who wakes up in the hospital after a gunshot wound, only to find that the zombie apocalypse came while he was doped up on morphine. I don’t really know how they didn’t get him, since he’s literally the only person still in the hospital, but okay. He sets out to find his wife and son. On his journey, he comes across some other survivors, who he hangs out with for a while. Then he continues on toward Atlanta, which is apparently where the CDC is working on something to cure the zombies. Based on what another group of survivors is saying about the city, however, it’s going to be quite the shitshow if Rick ever gets there. He finds a horse to ride once her car runs out of gas. At the end of the first episode, Rick is stuck in a tank with masses of zombies crawling all over it trying to get to his tasty brains.

I really had no intention of watching this show. I saw the commercials for it during Mad Men and it didn’t interest me in the least. I’m not a big fan of zombies to begin with. They’re far too gory for me. The great thing about a zombie television show, though, is that it can develop characters in a way movies usually don’t. With a 13-episode season, the writers can take the time to let us know the survivors and really get invested in their fight to live.

That being said, there’s still a lot of gore in this episode. I spent most of the last scene with a pillow over my face, asking my boyfriend when it would be okay to look again. That’s not how I like my TV shows. I don’t like having to hide my face because the amount of blood on screen is making me want to vomit. It’s not enjoyable. There’s nothing particularly bad about this show. I think it has great potential for AMC to attract a new group of viewers. It can bring some legitimacy to the zombie genre the way other films haven’t been able to. It’s just a little too bloody for me to continue watching.

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