The musings of a feminist pop culture fanatic

#5 Community (10/22, 10/29)

EW Description: “They’ve discovered the cure for the sophomore slump! The comedy about a motley group of community-college students is back with a second season full of clever pop culture nods – like the Heather Pop-and-Locklear dance team – and even more lovable snark.”

Top 5 Reasons Community is the Best Show You’re Not Watching:

1. There’s no better show for pop culture parodies. Every episode takes on some sort of pop culture theme or parodies something. Last year, there was an amazing Goodfellas parody when Abed started an underground chicken finger ring and then of course, the classic paintball episode when they mocked every action movie ever. Already this year, there was the hilarious Apollo 13 parody with the space bus and there’s still plenty of time for more.

2. Joel McHale. I’ve been a long time fan of The Soup and McHale was the reason I started watching Community. As the amoral center of the group, McHale plays Jeff Winger, a former lawyer who was disbarred for lying about going to law school and now finds himself at Greendale Community College. He unites this beloved group of misfits, try as he might not to do so.

3. The classes. The show also does a great job at mocking some of the ridiculous classes offered in college and the insane professors that teach them. Whether it’s the accounting professor who just wants people to “seize the day” or the pottery teacher who loathes everything about “Ghost,” we’ve all had a psychotic teacher. Community takes that teacher and turns the volume up to 11, without it being unbearable.

4. The group. They come from all walks of life and have found themselves at Greendale. There’s Britta (Gillian Jacobs), the radical feminist who thinks everything is ridiculous. Shirley (Yvette Nicole Brown), the devout Christian mother of two who is the mother hen of the group. Annie (Alison Brie), the Type A 19-year-old who would likely have been at an Ivy League school if it wasn’t for her Adderall-induced nervous breakdown. Pierce (Chevy Chase), the old man of the group who is desperately trying to stay young. And Troy and Abed, which brings me to…

5. Troy and Abed. They are the definition of bromance. Troy (Donald Glover), the adorably dumb jock, and Abed (Danny Pudi), the wannabe filmmaker who must have Asperger’s or something, have the single greatest relationship on the show. They’re always up to something ridiculous, normally revolving around one of Abed’s films, and have amazing chemistry with each other. Glover and Pudi play off each other better than any other two characters on the show. And the tags at the end of every episode normally involve them and are normally completely genius.

Community is possibly the best sitcom on television right now and it’s difficult that it’s up against the second best sitcom, The Big Bang Theory. As a devout fan of both, it’s hard to choose between them. However, through the magic of DVR and Hulu, it’s completely possible to have both shows in your life. If you haven’t checked out Community yet, then what are you waiting for?

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