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EW Description: “Seymour Chwast’s version is a clever reimagining of a classic. All your favorite characters are here, albeit in a slightly altered form. The lamentations of the damned were never so much fun.”

This whole book just felt fairly useless. It wasn’t really a reimagining the way EW describes it. More than anything, it was like Spark Notes, but even simpler and with pictures. The pictures are not even particularly good. It’s all black and white and looks kind of like an elementary school student drew most of it. There’s no real detail. I figure if they’re going to make the Divine Comedy into a graphic novel, the least they could do is add some detail to the pictures. Really make the story come alive. Have the flames of hell jump off the page at the reader.

Instead, we get a bland, undetailed book. It’s about 130 pages long and took approximately half an hour to read. I swear I read every sentence of it. I looked at every picture, but there was just so little detail that it didn’t take long to flip through. Every canto is summed up into one or two sentences. I feel like Dante would be embarrassed that this is what his masterpiece has become.

This had real potential to be something imaginative. It could have introduced Dante’s work to a whole new generation of people and made them actually enjoy it. Instead, we get illustrated Cliffs Notes. Thanks, but no thanks.


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