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#9 Mad Men finale (10/15)

EW Description: “If you haven’t been watching, you’ve missed an enthralling season of Don’s downward spiraling, Sally’s acting out, and some shocking office maneuvers (Lucky Strike!). See how it all wraps up.”

This season has been ridiculously compelling. Don’s descent from greatness has been fascinating to watch. Sally (Kiernan Shipka) has had some fantastic material to work with and of course, Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce is always awesome to watch.

I have personally loved the development of Don’s relationship with Faye. She has been a real partner for him, more so than anyone else Don has dated.

And now Don has to break Faye’s heart. I do love that she isn’t letting Don bullshit anything, though. I really hate Don for breaking Faye like that.

I knew Joan didn’t get the abortion! I can hardly wait for Dr. McRapist to find out it’s not his, though. That’ll be infinitely satisfying.

The entire Lucky Strike fiasco has been wonderful to watch as well. With the publishing of Don’s anti-tobacco letter in last week’s episode, it is clear the cigarette industry is going to be a huge player in next season. Don’s meeting with the American Cancer Society shows SCDP might be heading to more philanthropic work next season.

Sally and Glen’s relationship has been very fascinating to watch. Glen is just such a creepy little kid, and it’s so sad he is Sally’s only friend in the world. It’s even sadder that Betty felt so threatened she had to take him away from Sally. Betty has long been my least favorite character on the show and this season has just made it even worse. Now that she’s fired Carla, she has no redeemable quality in my eyes. Some have complained about the lack of screentime for Betty, but it’s part of the reaon I think this has been the best season yet.

I’ve loved Peggy’s transition from sheltered Catholic girl to enlightened modern woman. She has grown so much and she is clearly the only person in the agency Don actually trusts.

Don’s relationship with his secretary has also been very intriguing. I wish they hadn’t had her sleep with Don and had instead just had her as a possible mentee. She mentioned she wanted to get into advertising, so it would have been nice for her to have a Peggy-like relationship with Don.

Anna’s death was one of the most devasating things to ever happen on this show. But the episode where Don found out about it is sure to clench the Emmy for Jon Hamm next year. I just wish she had gotten to stick around to meet Sally and Bobby in this episode. This trip to California is very intriguing to see Don’s relationship with his kids. He’s definitely not a hands-on father, but he is distantly affectionate with them. I loved the episode where Sally ran away and spent the night with Don. They have a great relationship and I wish Betty would let Sally live with him.

Betty and Henry’s relationship has been a total waste this season. I have never been interested in their relationship and I hope we don’t see it developed next season. I’d be thrilled if Betty was just written off the show.

I really hate that Don continues to pursue his secretary. I wish he had taken Faye to California instead. The thing is, if Faye weren’t in the picture, I would probably support Don’s relationship with the secretary. She’s not a bad character. She’s just not that different from every other woman Don has slept with. Faye helped Don grow as a person and is a much better fit for him. Damn Matt Weiner for making me start to like Don and Megan after this episode.

Sally clearly has rage issues and needs more help than she is getting. There has been a lot of speculation that she might kill herself in this episode and I personally hope that doesn’t happen. I can definitely see them going that path, though.

He’s freaking proposing to Megan?!?! Are you kidding me? They haven’t even been on a date! And what about Faye?! He has clearly been on the hunt for the next Mrs. Draper since he divorced Betty and I was just hoping it would be Faye instead.

The difference between Don’s relationship with Allison from the beginning of the season and his relationship with Megan now is a perfect showcase of how he has changed over the course of the year.

I also love this scene between Don and Peggy. They have such a great relationship and I love that they’ve never made it turn romantic.

And can we please have more of Peggy and  Joan bitching together? They are both such awesome women and amazing characters. I want a stronger friendship between them next season.

This scene had better be Don and Betty officially closing the book on their relationship. I never want to see the two of them together again. Even though Betty just showed actual warmth toward Don. I can’t remember the last time she wasn’t a frigid bitch.

And closing out the season with Sonny and Cher’s “I Got You Babe.” Excellent choice of song. Next season, more of Don and Megan’s relationship. The divide between the women in the office who have worked to get where they are (Peggy, Joan) and those who married to get there (Megan, Roger’s wife Jane). Joan’s pregnancy. Sally continues her transition into a rebellious flower child. And anything else big that happened in 1966 or 1967. Here’s hoping it’s as good as this season was.

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