The musings of a feminist pop culture fanatic

#1 The Event (10/8)

EW Description: “With all its twists, turns, and cover-ups, the enigmatic new series is clearly hoping to fill a certain mysterious Island-shaped hole in our hearts and viewing schedules. So far, it’s off to a great, mindbending start.”

I was so beyond thrilled when I saw this on the Must List. This was one of the new shows I’ve been excited about since the new schedule was announced last May. All through the summer, I waited for the pilot. All I wanted to know was “What is The Event?” I was just worried it wouldn’t live up to the hype and it would horribly disappoint me. Fortunately, that didn’t happen because this show is frickin’ amazing.

Let me try to explain what’s been going on in the first three episodes. So, there’s this guy named Shawn Walker (the always amazing Jason Ritter). He and his girlfriend Layla were on a cruise ship, but then she got kidnapped and now Shawn is being framed for murder. While they were on the cruise, someone broke into Layla’s parents’ house, killed her mother, and kidnapped her daughter. This kind of pissed off Layla’s dad Michael(Scott Patterson, a.k.a. Luke from Gilmore Girls), who then hijacked a plane and tried to crash it into a place where the president (Blair Underwood) was staying. Shawn snuck on the plane, but then it got sucked into this wormhole-type thing and crashed in the desert. Now, the government is trying to stage a plane crash elsewhere, Michael’s missing, and Shawn is in custody.

Confused yet? That’s just one part of the plot. There’s another larger conspiracy that is playing out as well. Apparently, the government has been holding a group of people in a detainee camp in Alaska since 1944. And none of the detainees appear to have aged at all. These people are hiding something and the president and his henchman (Zjelko Ivanek, who always plays the super shady guy) want to know what it is. The head detainee Sophia (Laura Innes) definitely doesn’t want the president to know because he’ll probably kill all the detainees. Oh, and apparently Clea Duvall is one of the detainees as well, so that’s just even more incentive to watch.

I know the plot sounds super cracked out and confusing, but I also just condensed three episodes into two paragraphs. It’s definitely not a show you can just halfway watch, though. To really understand what is going on, you must give it your full attention. The story is uber-compelling. The cast is amazing. A lot of people are calling it the next Lost and while I wouldn’t necessarily say that, I think it could become a huge hit in its own right. If the rest of the season stays the same quality as the first three episodes, this is going to turn into a must-watch show. It is quickly becoming my favorite new show of the season.

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