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EW Description: “Like your vamps less X-rated than on True Blood? The teen series is back with a second season of beautiful people and soapy supernatural drama, including the return of Elena’s vampire doppelganger, Katherine, and more smoldering from EW’s Sexiest Beast, Ian Somerhalder.”

This show was a lot better than I was expecting. When it premiered last year, I wrote it off as yet another Twilight rip-off. Granted, I felt the same way about True Blood, which is now one of my favorite series. I’ve got to get better at that whole “don’t judge a book by its cover” thing.

Anyway, the show is very intriguing. I have a hard time separating Nina Dobrev (who plays good girl Elena and her evil doppelganger Catherine) from her role on Degrassi. I keep expecting her to break out in a cheer or hang out with her kid. So, Elena is in love with Stefan, who is way more of a badass than Edward Cullen, so that’s a relief. And Elena actually has a personality unlike Bella Swan, just a further way to separate it from that other horrid piece of trash.

And then there’s Boone. I’m sorry, Damon. Ian Somerhalder will always be Boone to me.The title of Sexiest Beast is well deserved, particularly in the scene where he’s making out with Catherine. That was a scene where I wished the show was on HBO, just so I could see more of Somerhalder’s glorious body. I was wondering why Elena was wasting her time with Stefan when Damon was so much more awesome. Then Damon turned into a bit of a jackass at the end when he tried to kill Elena’s brother because she loves Stefan and not him. A bit of a petty reason to kill someone, so he lost some points in my book. He had just been turned down by Catherine, though, who he had been in love with 145 years, so he was a bit emotional. And he was drunk, which I didn’t understand because I thought vampires couldn’t feel the effects of alcohol, since they’re not human, but I’ll just suspend disbelief for this.

And there was some other stuff with a witch named Bonnie and other people, but I only watched the second season premiere, so I have no idea what all of that means. If my Thursdays weren’t already so crowded, I would probably add this to my TV schedule. It might be a winter break project for me to catch up on all the episodes. It’s really not that much like Twilight, which is an excellent thing.

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