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EW Description: “Danny DeVito and the rest of the Paddy’s Pub gang return for more depraved, outrageous humor.”

People have been telling me to watch this show for years and I’ve always meant to, but never actually got around to it. So, when this showed up on the Must List, I decided this was Fate telling me to watch an episode. Sometimes, I really question Fate.

I watched the sixth season premiere “Mac Fights Gay Marriage.” Here’s the basic plot of it: Mac gets offended when a transgender he once slept with has a sex change to become a woman and marries another man. He decides this is gay marriage and goes back to tell the woman and her new husband their marriage is an abomination. Basically, it’s just really offensive to all transgender people everywhere.

Mac then decides to marry Danny DeVito to get on his insurance. Mac gets kicked out of his apartment when his roommate Dennis gets married all of a sudden. He decides to go live with his female friend who was sleeping with the former childhood crush who turned out to be really fat, which they make a point of playing up. The episode ends with Dennis realizing he maybe shouldn’t have married someone the night after he saw them for the first time in years.

This show tries really hard to be edgy. Most of the jokes fell flat for me. While I chuckled a couple of times, nothing was overwhelmingly funny. I have heard people say this show is absolutely hilarious and life-changing. If someone really likes offensive humor, then this show is probably for them. I gave it a shot. One episode was enough for me.


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