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#2 Nikita (9/10)

EW Description: “Who knew a second TV adaptation of La Femme Nikita would be so killer? We’ve already committed to a season pass for this assassin-on-the-run drama – and not just because we’re kind of scared of superhot butt-kicker Maggie Q. Anyone who can take down multiple baddies in a leave-nothing-to-the-imagination red bathing suit is not to be trifled with.”

Holy crap, this show rocks. I’m a sucker for an action show with a really strong female lead. Nikita is basically the badass of my dreams. I want to be her. She can break a guy’s neck with her bare hands and throw a knife at his bodyguard, all while wearing a dead sexy red bikini. Bad. Ass.

The story isn’t terribly original, but it seems like it is going to be really well done. Nikita was an assassin until she fell in love. Then “The Division” killed her fiance and Nikita went rogue. Now, she’s getting her revenge. I feel like this show might be a bit limited in how long it can run without getting stale after a while, though. Hopefully, the writers have a plan to keep it going for a while because the show has great potential.

The cast is pretty much amazing. Maggie Q kicks ass as Nikita. I wasn’t sure about Lyndsy Fonesca (a.k.a. Ted’s daughter on How I Met Your Mother) as Alex, the new assassin-in-training. Melinda Clarke (the amazing Julie Cooper on The O.C.) didn’t have a whole lot to do as Amanda, one of The Division’s gurus, but I have hopes they’ll recognize her amazing talent and have her face off against Nikita at some point.

A lot of reviews have said Shane West was horribly miscast as Nikita’s former handler, but I didn’t think he was that bad. It takes a lot for me to look past Landon Carter (A Walk to Remember) when I see him because I was in love with that character, but I think I’ll be able to at some point. I was expecting him to be a lot worse based on the reviews I was reading, but I was almost pleasantly surprised.

All in all, this is going to be joining my Thursday night viewing lineup. Without a doubt.

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