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EW Description: “The Work Out trainer is back, but Warner also plays life coach in a powerful new series that challenges participants to lose weight and ditch their emotional baggage.”

Here’s the thing. I LOATHE weight loss shows. I find them boring, cheesy, and quite frankly, dangerous. Granted Thintervention is not anywhere near as bad as The Biggest Loser because this isn’t a competition. It’s just a show about people trying to change their lives.

It’s still mostly painful to watch. Seeing people go through difficult work outs when they aren’t used to that is not entertaining. I feel bad for them. I feel bad that they are so desperate to get help for a problem that they are letting themselves be on TV when they are most vulnerable and unattractive.

I do have to respect Jackie Warner, though. She knows what she’s doing and while she does push people until they are about to break, I don’t feel like she’s going to kill them. She knows when to stop. She seems to want to help these people, or at least she knows how to act like she does.

Some of the people in the program are pretty interesting. There’s the former Playmate who wants her kids to stop making fun of her. The former cheerleader who wants to get back to her former weight. The brassy British woman who doesn’t want to give up her vodka. The poor guy who had to carry Oreos in his hand as he went up and down stairs until he burned off all the calories from eating them. The mother and daughter (who is only a year older than me, which is slightly terrifying).

The people can be entertaining at times, but mostly, I just cringed.


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