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EW description: “Watch all of the thrilling corruption and crime of the five-hour British crime drama, costarring the new Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield.”

First of all, Andrew Garfield is only in the first part of the trilogy, so the EW description is very misleading. The second part focuses on some actor I did not recognize and the third part primarily stars the dad from “Still Standing.”

I would not necessarily call this miniseries thrilling. I flet it had A LOT of filler stuff. It could easily have been condensed into a really good 2 1/2-hour-long movie. Most of the scenes felt unnecessary, and quite frankly, pretty boring.

Perhaps if I had a better knowledge of the case or knew more about the British police force in the 1970s and 80s, I would have enjoyed it more. I really love crime dramas, but this was not very well done. Although each part was only 90 to 100 minutes, all of them could have been condensed in some way.

Overall, I would not say this trilogy was something anyone “must” watch. It was okay. Nothing too special.

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