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EW’s description: “With a bizarre, poignant humor worthy of Adult Swim, the spot for the band’s moody single features Bell in a genuinely heartbreaking performance as a woman grappling with a sickly ALF-meets-Elephant Man pet.”

This was simultaneously one of the most f’ed up and poignant music videos I have seen in quite some time. Here’s the basic plot of it: Kristen Bell plays this girl who has a really ugly pet that is super sick. Kristen has an audition and has to leave ugly pet in the care of someone else. During the audition, Kristen gets a call and has to leave to take the pet to the vet emergency room. The doctors do everything they can, but ugly pet doesn’t make it. Kristen is sad.

I couldn’t really make out the lyrics to the song and I was honestly so transfixed by Kristen’s performance that the song itself was irrelevant. I have loved Kristen’s work since she was on “Veronica Mars” and she is honestly one of the most underrated dramatic actresses out there right now. The fact that I was tearing up during a 4-minute music video with no dialogue really says something. She just got this look in her eyes as she was watching her beloved pet die and it was truly moving.

I don’t quite get where EW says this was humorous because I saw the video as a depiction of a woman who is losing her closest friend in life. It was definitely bizarre and poignant, but I saw no humor in it. Just a truly touching vignette about a woman and her love for her pet.


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